I knew I wanted to try yoga but honestly I was intimidated to walk into a traditional

yoga studio being such a beginner. Monique makes you feel comfortable and encourages me to work on my own goals, wherever I am at. As an athlete I appreciate the strong, and progressive practice Monique teaches, however I attend just as much for the meditation and inspiration practice. I always leave the studio feeling like I've worked hard, but have also taken some time for me to reduce stress, and be present. I feel stronger physically and mentally after starting this practice, thank you Monique!

- Amie H.

Monique is a nurturing and supportive instructor who carefully encourages her students to challenge themselves. She always reminds me that it is a practice and that the more we try, the more we will eventually accomplsih. Even when I think I will not be able to do something, she tells me to try and see how far I can get. Monique teaches all of us to respect our bodies, our strength and to be kind to ourselves. She always reminds me that the practice of yoga happens as much off the mat as it does on the mat. She shows us that being mindful, listening to our bodies and honouring our abilities will benefit our lives on a daily basis. I am lucky to have Monique as my yoga instructor.

Lindsey H.

Monique had taught me that by never giving up and staying true to yourself, anything is possible! 

Moniques classes allow you to not only find growth in your postures, but also find growth in yourself!

Pam W.