Online Practice

Yoga Nidra practice

18 August 2016

Yoga Nidra

Guided Chakra Meditation

14 June 2016

Guided chakra Meditation

Sun Salute A - Broken Down

05 May 2016

Sun Salutation "A"

Building The House From The Ground Up - Foundational Practice

09 March 2016

Foundational yoga

Relaxing And Gentle Yin Wall Practice

24 February 2016

Wall yin practice

Saturday Morning Flow

08 March 2015

Saturday morning flow

Each video gets longer in hopes that I can create a 60 min flow uncut and raw for others to inspire those wanting to create their own home practice, om shanti

I am Enough🌟

01 March 2015

I am enough

When we find it within ourselves to find balance and know that we CAN hold ourselves up and catch ourselves when we fall, we can live freely knowing that we are enough❤️��

50 Shades Of Inspiration

23 February 2015

50 shades of inspiration

Goin' With The Flow

20 February 2015

Goin' with the Flow

Heart Opening ❤️

03 February 2015

Heart opening ❤️

Making Use Of Blocks - Lolasana & Uputhi

03 February 2015

Making use of blocks - Lolasana & uputhi

Arm Balancing Beach Asana

03 February 2015

Arm balancing beach asana

Slow And Steady Dropback Practice

03 February 2015

Dropback in slo-mo

Inversion Playtime

03 February 2015

Inversion playtime

Saluting The Sun ☀️

03 February 2015

Saluting the sun

Press Up Handstand Prep - Baby Steps

03 February 2015

Press up handstand prep

Make It Burn - Core Practice

03 February 2015

Make it burn - core practice

Wild Thang

03 February 2015

Wild Thang

Inversion conversion

03 February 2015

Inversion conversion

Pranayama Practice

03 February 2015

Pranayama practice