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10 July 2017

Latest News
Latest News

Well it appears as if summer is in full swing. Not just weather wise but as we all are discovering how quickly the damp earth can turn into fire kindle. Let us all at this time take a moment to acknowledge what we can do to help protect our environment from the type of devastation we are witnessing here in BC, so we may all go our part to help.

As we settle into the change of weather, we too shift into summer mode and with that the studio hours and classes will also reflect this until September approaches again. Please check the schedule for summer hours.

It is a very exciting time here at Purityoga in that I am so happy to announce that my little studio is now a fully certified yoga teacher training facility and with this certification I am pleased to be able to offer continuing education credits to those already 200 hour certified. My focus at this time will be on offering smaller group sized mentorship courses, with the first group being certified in Yoga Nidra July 22-23/2017. My goal is to provide personal, attainable and approachable trainings to those wishing to continue on their teaching journey. Providing knowledgable assistance in posture analysis & philosophical attunement, with specific attention to practical practice within the space. If you are currently teaching and want to continue on your personal journey please feel free to contact me to discuss a mentorship program tailored to your required needs.

Our Inagural A.L.I.G.N retreat weekend at the Outback resort was such an amazing, inspiring weekend that we are offering another one September 22-24/2017 in Revelstoke and we only have a couple of spots left - info & registration - you will not want to miss out on this truly transformational event.

Have a safe, happy and healthy summer,

Om Shanti,


Finding Balance

08 June 2017

Finding Balance
Finding Balance

I am approached quite often by people asking "How do I maintain a balanced lifestyle?". Well to be quite honest looks can be deceiving. Once upon a time I was a very lonely sad soul, there was huge void in my heart and I was prescribed a prescription by my family doctor to fill that void. I wasn't a complete fan of the prescription it left me with low energy and actually lacked feeling, feeling of any kind. I thought that there had to be a better way to live. To top it all off I was dealt a fatal blow, as a marathon runner training for the Boston marathon I broke the 5th metatarsil in my left foot and even though it is a minor bone I was not able to resume running for over six months. Without any further ado I walked into my very first yoga class, that led to my very first yoga teacher training and the rest is history. I have never looked back, now I write my own prescription....for happiness that is.

I am not going to ask you to take a teacher training, nor a 4 hour workshop or even sign up online for a 6 week series. I am going to simply provide you with the guidelines I "try" to follow, key word here being try because that is all that we can ask of ourselves at any given moment - in a simple and effective way,

Compassion - I am kind to all living things - INCLUDING myself

Authenticity - I speak and live from my own truth and hold space for others in the same format

Awareness - I am aware of how valuable my time is, as well as the time of others, giving equal time to be present for both parties. With that being said I also try to appropriately expend my energy as well as when I take on the energy of others.

Gratitude - always reminding myself to be grateful for what I have, never needing anything more

Cleaning house - clearing the clutter on and off my mat, creating space, emptying out as often as possible

Mindfulness - find different ways to create peace examples chanting, nature walks, golfing, paddle boarding (in equal portions)

Challenge - I give myself the ability to try new things, to change old habits, to be limitless in my abilities - "I CAN'T" does not exist in my dictionary

MEDITATION - a must (5 minutes a day or more)

Lastly but most important is that I try to be as aware of all of these things as I possibly can be, in a balanced way, moderated way. We can easily go too far one way or revert too far back the other way, that's when I ask myself am I happy or joyful within those moments. When I'm not feeling that joy I usually know for myself that I am off somewhere, I do a recalibration and 99% of the time come back to feeling whole again.

This is a constant practice for me, it doesn't end on Friday and begin back up on Monday, it never takes the summer off or stops when I go on holidays. It doesn't cost a lot to maintain and it never requires me to take time away from my other activities, family or friendships, in fact it completes them.

Be patient, take it one day at a time and start to slowly integrate these practices into your daily life, when you start to feel the benefits so shall those around you. Give yourself the gratitude you will deserve for doing the work,



Workshop Alert - June 19/17

23 March 2017

The power of mantra
The power of mantra

Where: Purityoga hOMe studio

When: June 19/2017

Time: 6:30pm

Join me to discover the medicine of Mantra and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). This workshop is a great introduction or exploration of the benefits on our bodies from these two very complimentary practices. Each is a designed as an add on or stand alone practice. The two practiced togethor are as good as peanut butter and Jam creating the same benefits - if not more of a 60 minute power vinyasa class.

This is a "by donation" workshop with ALL proceeds going to COHA (Central Okanagan Hospice Assocation).

Please feel free to sign up via email at purityoga@hotmail.com

Hope to see you there,



Word Purge

20 February 2017

Word Purge
Word Purge

It's been a while since I put my pen to paper or in this case, fingertips to tablet. I recently took a well needed break from Facebook and wanted to share my findings. That when we unplug we also take ourselves away from the never ending urge to check how many likes we have acquired (as if the amount of likes determined our happiness for the day and to be truthful in my world it may have meant more than I care to admit). The never ending need for outside validation, instead of looking within. Because if we were too look inside we might be forced to see the truth that indeed we are seeking it from the exterior.

I know as well as anyone else that my world does not revolve from my number of friends, or followers, number of likes or re-grams or tweets because by unplugging I was able to witness what appears to be others peoples habits as my own. While unplugged I was present in every moment to my surroundings, not contemplating how I could make that moment into a perfect post or picture to filter. That's not to say that either Facebook or Instagram aren't very useful tools, I have friends that have had great success in marketing their "next best endeavour"! Again, taking a breather gave me the opportunity to see the error of my ways.

I use Facebook to purge, to purge my words, some may say to express, I might say to detox. Without such a tool I would hold back, hold in, that which no longer serves me. So yes, in that way I am as guilty as the woman who spends 15 minutes setting up for her "perfect duck face selfie" or that not so subtle "inspirational" wallpaper post for the latest supplement fad.

From my post you may think think that I am being judgmental but in fact I'm only judging myself, we all have a natural want to feel supported, to be liked, to want to help people and if that is your intention behind your posts on social media than I applaud you. But can we be truthful with our intention, and mindful of others peoples space and time as well as their opinions. If you don't like it then hey don't ���� it and leave it there. There is no need to bully, degrade or respond with hate, so if we are being truthful next time you read a post and your immediate response is to judge maybe too it is your time to unplug and look within to see where that judgement is coming from.

I recently read a very good book in which the writer had the honour of sitting in meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh (wise Buddhist Monk and Eastern philosopher) - it's not often that I use others words but the words that follow are truly words to live by:

"The most precious thing you can offer your loved one is your presence. To be present means to be there. How can you love if you are not there? Love (romantic or otherwise) doesn't work if we are distracted or hiding - behind suffering, the screen of a computer, or phone, the fuzziness of alcohol, the busyness of work. To love means to understand suffering, our own and others to truly show up in any given moment"



Online Yoga

15 December 2016

Mojo yoga
Mojo yoga

I am grateful to be one of the many contributing teachers to mymojoyoga

There is always a controversy when the thought of online yoga classes is brought up - "how can one practice safely without the aid of a visual or tactile guide?". If I were to explain perhaps it may set some of the naysayers at bay. Yoga is a self reliant healing practice, one which we do to prevent future suffering - Heyam Dukham Anagatam - sutra 2.16 - we are required to do much of that healing on our own, through the help of the many tools we have access to. The asana (or physical) practice is just one of the many tools. Asana is meant to help us release and let go, not further agrivate our pain. . Therefore I always tell my clients to move away from pain but move towards discomfort. Everyone has pain and everyone's pain is real, if we are trying to relieve ourselves from that pain it is our responsibility to know when we are agrivating that pain to the point that we can further injure ourselves. Most injuries in yoga are caused because we want to push ourselves into a place we are just not quite ready to go.

Online yoga can give us the same benefit as a classroom setting, if we use our breath to gage and guide the movement. Be away of sensations in our body and guide from our heart space and not our head space. It also gives us the ability to practice in a safe and comfortable space so that if something comes up for us we can let it flow without judgement on ourselves.

There are many options for online classes so I urge you to explore them, find a teacher that resonates with you and that speaks to you and most of all let yourself be in the experience, be completely open to your experience and be open to exploring the many practices, pranayama, meditation, chanting as well as Asana.

I am grateful to be one of the many contributing teachers to mymojoyoga and the new year is bringing some innovative and exciting changes at Mojoyoga. Lots of new classes, workshops and even transformational in depth courses. So whatever your belief is beginner or "advanced" practitioners there is definitely something for everyone, no schedules, practice whenever end wherever you want to 30-60 min classes accessible for everyone.



When In Doubt Travel

03 December 2016

My hubby and I know the benefits of traveling, the time that we spend togethor not only benefits our marriage but also those that surround us. Travel doesn't have to be expansive or expensive, it can be a short drive out of town and an overnighter. There are certain moments that you can not capture when you are amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. With these little getaways to look forward too you have something your working towards that you know will provide yourselves with the much needed rejuvenation that recharges. Emotional/energetic Burn out can happen and does happen more often than we realize, without realizing most of the time, be kind to yourself and begin to notice the signs and before it becomes too late book that overnighter, or extended vacation, your body, mind and soul (as well as everyone around you) will think you❤️��

Healthy Habits 101

05 September 2016

Healthy Habits Lifestyle Series
Healthy Habits Lifestyle Series

Join myself (CYA RYT-500) and Raina Reddecliff ( certified Stott Pilates instructor) for a 6 week series to help introduce healthy habits for your mind, body and soul into your daily routine. Each week will bring a new purposeful intention to explore and foster, paired with yoga and Pilates. (3 classes per week - Monday - Wednesday Friday 6-7am) we will use nature as our backdrop and inspiration. Waking up with the sun to set the tone for a day of healthy, balanced choices. Support materials will also be provided to motivate both on and off your mat. No previous yoga or Pilates experience required.

Dates: September 12-October 21, 2016

Registration: purityoga@hotmail.com

Investment $249, includes 18 classes, support tools and materials - refer a friend and recieve $20 off each. Space is limited!

Leaving The Den

03 August 2016

Blackcomb Mountain
Blackcomb Mountain

Over the past week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Wanderlust Festival in Whistler, BC. This is something I have made an annual event for the past 5 years. I have so many amazing people and shared so many amazing experiences each time. One teacher referred to the festival as a "buffet" of yoga. This is a great definition because there is most definately something for everyone, whether your a yoga instructor or practitioner (well we are all practicing really). Every year I go with a gameplan - having all my classes signed up for and organized prior to my arrival, this year as in any other the same, only this time I didn't stick to my plan I instead listened to my gut, my intuition, which led me to some very insightful findings. When I wanted light and fluffy and humorous - but with much strength I stumbled upon Kathryn Budig who didn't disappoint. She is full of "piss and vinegar" and as fiery as they come which she delivers with humility and compassion. When I wanted to completely zone out and go to a place never before encountered just at the right moment I found Nico Luce

Falling Off The Wagon - Literally 😞

04 July 2016

Bellagio Waterfall
Bellagio Waterfall

A recent visit to Las Vegas, had me thinking about what it means to "fall of the wagon". What constitutes falling off the wagon and falling off the radar for a few days so one can spend a few days in the presence of themselves and the one they are closest too. Addictions can come in many shapes and forms, from substance to physically to what some may refer to as "social". My husband consistently reminds me that I need to put down my phone and be present. This weekend I did just that. I chose to leave the social media behind ( stepping away from my daily posts and my nightly Instagram posts). We spend thousands to take these vacations and very often spend more (value in time) taking selfies and trying to get that perfect picture, that we lose the whole reason behind why we are there in the first place. That being to re-connect, which we can only do by disconnecting. How does this relate to "falling off the wagon"? Quite simply social media is as much an addiction, as any other substance, and I felt like all weekend I witnessed so many that it actually had me recognizing where I needed to "rehab" my current patterns. In the same way that an alocoholic will reach for a drink to find gratification, so will those that are addicted to social media. In anything we need to ask ourselves where is our intention behind what we are doing? Why am I having that glass of wine, why am I posting that picture of myself, why am I eating when I am already (for lack of a better word - FULL up? It's simply a question and one that I ask myself often because yes, I do fall off the wagon, in all aspects of my life, but one thing is for sure I am aware, and it's that awareness that keeps me in check. So food for thought don't kick yourself because you fell of the wagon, but rather reward yourself for realizing you fell off ❤️��



June - All Things Going On

02 June 2016

Chakra meditation
Chakra meditation

Here's all the goings on @ Purityoga over the next little while.

The first PURE wellness retreat date is set for the weekend of October 14-16/2016 and I couldn't be happier to see my vision coming to life. I'm in the midst of putting togethor all the final details so I can officially announce the location. Stay tuned - for details oh how you can help out or submit a request from either yourself or a fellow individual living with cancer - click the link - PURE Wellness Retreat

Are you living with chronic pain or perhaps rehabilitating from an injury or surgery? Did you know that yoga is recommended by a majority of doctors and physiotherapists as a tool to help with your recovery and healing. I am happy to now offer private sessions at my studio, in a safe environment properly licensed and insured. For more information please contact

Class schedule:

Monday's - 9am (gentle yoga) open to all levels - no experience necessary

*****new class***** Mat Pilates w/ Raina Redecliff

Tuesday's & Thursdays - 7pm - powerflo

Stay tuned for more new class additions - relaxation/meditation & Yoga Barre

Other offerings:

Happily holistic

Monday's - 5:15-6:15pm - powerflo foundations

Wednesday's - 6:00-7:15pm - foundations of yoga (new series to begin fall/2016)

***New Class*** - Thursday's - 6:30-7:30am - powerflo foundations

Can't get to a class? No problem check out my free videos here including the latest Guided Chakra Meditation,

Feel free to email me anytime - purityoga@hotmail.com



Introducing PURE Wellness Retreats - What Is Your Intention?

29 May 2016


There are two definitions for the word intention. 1. An aim, or plan 2. The healing process of a wound. Two very different meanings yet when you blend them can be very hurtful or powerful. I can only speak from my experience, but I wake up each morning with the intention of being a better version of the person I was yesterday, now that's not to say that I don't have setbacks, it just means that when I do I'll recognize it and aim to repair the damage created which activates the healing process. This goes on as long as I am aligning myself in all areas of my life. To better speak to that, let me ask a few questions:

What is your intention when you are having a conversation with someone? Is it to hear what the other person has to say or to hear yourself.

What is your intention for changing you diet & eating habits? Health or vanity?

What is your intention when you do physical activity? Release stress or run away from it?

And lastly what is your intention to serve or be of service? Compassion or ego?

Always keeping in the back of my mind where that intention is coming from makes me accountable for the action it recreates.

Why am I explaining this? All these years since I have been practicing yoga it has been to help me overcome the grief compiled in my body since I lost my mom to cancer in 2007. It's been a long process, but out of this process something beautiful has started to create. I have been working with cancer patients for a while now because something drew me to speak to them, I now know the voice that speaks to them as it flows through me is familiar and full of love.

I had always wanted to take this to the next level, the time is never more right than the present. I am so excited to introduce PURE yoga retreats, a gift, funded and created through our community for cancer patients/survivors. These weekend retreats will provide a person living with cancer the opportunity to share space while we practice yoga, share stories, learn wellness tools, relax, breathe and all while enjoy the peace and serenity of the natural setting here in our own backyard - Okanagan Valley. 10 recipients will be sponsored through local corporations, donations and fundraising will be done locally to raise awareness for the creation of this as well as more retreats. Instructors, speakers, nutritionists and facilitators(massage therapists & reiki) will be donating their time to support the attendees in all aspects of their experience.

How does this work? If you are a cancer patient or know of someone who has struggled through their cancer diagnosis and treatment, I want you to share your story, by sending me an email, 10 recipients will be chosen from these emails for the retreat in early fall (details to be provided).

If you want to help out either monetary or volunteer, perhaps you or someone you know may want to sponsor a participant (contact for details), a local organization wanting to host a fundraiser, or simply sharing this to another individual, please contact me.

Stay tuned for opportunities in the community where I will be fundraising, yoga classes by donation, fundraising bbq's etc.

100% of all monies raised goes to providing this unforgettable experience to attendees of PURE retreats.

I am so looking forward to providing this offerring in our community in the honor of my beautiful mom - Yvonne Marie Ducharme -

thank you in advance for helping and sharing


Schedule May 1-May 7/16

01 May 2016


If there is one thing that I have started to realize it's that our practice may not look or be anything that we could possibly imagine it. In fact it can appear before us without us even knowing, with surprise and wisdom beyond words.

Classes this week:


Tuesday 9am - gentle vinyasa

Tuesday & Thursday - 7pm - poweflo

Saturday - 9am - powerflo

@Steve Nash

Tuesday - 4:30pm - power

Wednesday - 12:15 - power

@Happlily Holistic

****new classes:

Monday - 5:15p - power

Wednesday - 6p - 8 week foundation series starts

Yoga for cancer:

Monday - 11am - @inspire health - gentle

7pm - @rotary lodge - relaxation

Schedule This Week - April 25 - April 30

25 April 2016



Monday - 9am - gentle

Tuesday - 7pm - powerflo

@Steve Nash (Kelowna)

Tuesday - 4:30pm - Poweryoga

Yoga for cancer:

@Inspire Health

Monday - 11am - gentle

@Rotary Lodge

Monday - 7pm - relaxation

As I'm headed into surgery (fingers crossed we don't get delayed again) I've had to cancel the rest of my classes for the week, my apologies. But I have added a new video giving tips on how you can create a comfortable seat for meditation or pranayama practice. If this is s portion that feels particularly uncomfortable my advice would be to practice it on a daily basis perhaps start slow and work yourself up to a longer hold,



17 April 2016

Neuyoga Therapy
Neuyoga Therapy

Once upon a time in your life you come across a person or a group of people that will change the current path as you know it to be. I signed up for neuyogatherapy because I wanted to be close to my family and clients throughout the 1000 hours of training, simply for that reason. I didn't know any of the instructors, it just fit with my schedule. I had no idea going into it that it would be so absolutely mind blowing. It made me question everything about myself and my life, all in a good way. Our cognitive body needs to be fed, it's imperative for our own personal growth. Some may view this as selfish but it's not it's truly selfless. Our mental body requires as much attention as our physical being we must be willing to witness the good and that brutally ugly dark side of ourselves and once you see it sit there and I mean sit, because what will come out of that will be so amazingly beautiful that you will only want to stay in it. The funny thing is that we have to revisit the experience again in order to create the space so we can experience more. That's why keeping our minds open to experience and learning is key to our growth. No matter where it comes from, literature, nature, our peeps, or even the most mundain tasks there is growth to be had in every experience. I am grateful and my heart is full from this past week and can't wait until we meet again next.


Schedule For April 10-16/2016

10 April 2016

Heart opening
Heart opening

The obstacles that are before us are merely there because we have allowed for them to live in our own minds. Liberation comes when you empty your mind of distraction. Freedom comes when you learn to love yourself for exactly the being you are. Open your heart so you can hear love. Let that be enough.

As I embark deeper into my yoga studies over the next two years, I will be amending my schedule to accommodate for the days I will be in classes. Please note that this change will occur once a month and I will keep you posted each time the change happens. Thank you for your patience as I continue to learn and grow so that I may bring you this amazing offerring.

This weeks schedule:


Monday - 9am gentle vinyasa (all levels welcome)

Tuesday - 7pm - powerflo vinyasa

@Steve Nash Fitness World - Kelowna

Tuesday - 4:30p Poweryoga

Wednesday -12:15p Poweryoga


Spring Is Here🌺

22 March 2016

Chair - warrior
Chair - warrior

Spring is here and that means the start of a new season which generally means we start to amp up our game and get ready for summer☀️. Inevitably it means change and for me change is in the air! I am excited to announce that along with my regularly scheduled classes at my own studio purityoga (click on studio information button ����) I am also teaching one day a week at Steve Nash Fitness Club - Kelowna - Wednesday's @12:15 - Poweryoga, and updated my schedule at Southern Interior Rotary Lodge (yoga for cancer).

We are now 1/2 way through the Foundations of yoga series at Happily Holistic 433 Hwy 33 (Rutland area) and had such a great response that they have extended my stay to include another 8 week series as well as a Monday 5:15pm & Thursday 6:45am class. All classes are sign up so please contact them at 250-491-7559 for details and registration.

Kids yoga will be offered at Happily Holistic every Thursday 4-4:45pm also by signup so please contact their office.

Thank you so much for your support and love, and for the beautiful community of souls we have created through our practice,

To stay in the loop, or take a class in person or in the comfort of your own home,

Feel free to contact me via email - purityoga@hotmail.com, follow me on Instagram @middleaged yogi


Homemade Facial Cleanser

29 February 2016

Coconut oil facial cleanser
Coconut oil facial cleanser

It's easy to make, luxurious on the skin, and economical! All you need is a hand mixer or kitchen aid mixer, a clean mason glass jar and 3 ingredients.

1 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon castor oil

8-10 drops essential oil of your choice ( I like half tea tree & half lavender)

Simply place all ingredients into the mixer and blend for 6-7 minutes. You may want to stop the mixer half way through and just scrape the sides to redistribute the coconut oil as well as break up any clumps. Once the timer is done the cleanser should be a fluffy whipped consistency easy to transfer with a spatula into the jar. I like to label and date it although it will last a long time if you want to make more and save or give away as a gift to friends.

This cleanser is perfect for cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin from all elements.

On The Horizon

08 February 2016

On the horizon
On the horizon

As I sit here reflecting on the days that have passed since we have been in this beautiful place I am also getting a bit antsy to get back into the swing of things, and I'm not talking laundry or cleaning.....It is required at times for us to shut down, to unplug, to disengage so that we can refuel and recharge in so many ways. We can burn out very easily without even knowing the symptoms. We run on empty and try to go as far as we can and then before we know it we are coasting on the downhill with nothing left in us to climb back up. Before you get to that point take a day to yourself to do something that brings you peace, read that book that's been on your nightstand for 6 months, go see a movie and indulge on popcorn, it might even be having tea with a good friend you haven't seen for a while, orrrrr do nothing at all except curl up in a blanket and watch mindless reality tv shows. All I'm saying is do it....because it can't be done when you've worked yourself into the grave....

On the horizon I am looking forward to getting back to regular classes at the Purityoga studio as well as the Rotary Lodge and Inspire Health. Some new things to look forward to are the introduction of an 8 week foundational yoga series at Happily Holostic Wellness Centre lead by myself as well as the introduction of my new Utube channel titled "The Middle aged yogi" including informative content, classes, video tutorials as well as blogs, specifac to our needs, free and unlimited, available anywhere and anytime.

All of this in good time because I am still on vacation overall ��

Namaste ❤️��

Who Would I Be Today

25 January 2016


Who would I be today without the trials and tribulations that life has presented me? Where would I be today without having been told I was not exactly the right fit? How would life have turned out if I had not listened to what was being said around me? I'm not pointing out the negative I am highlighting the positive. I'm speaking truth about the life I have lived and give thanks to those who have been brave enough to speak their truth for me, with me and most importantly directly to me. Not hiding behind a piece of paper, a text or an angry Facebook post presenting itself as a "rant". We deserve more than that, we deserve to be spoken to - not about, and not in 3rd party. We deserve to be directly involved in conversations where we are the topic so that if need be we can hear but also speak - for ourselves. So for those who made me who I am today, I ���� you,


Lifes A Beach

16 January 2016


For the past few weeks my husband and I have had the joy of spending each moment in this lovely setting with each other and amongst some beautiful people we have come to call family. I have tried to take in every sunrise and every sunset and each one is a spectacle to behold. Just as they are all the same, each is different in the same way that we are. No matter what the background is you find common ground when stories are shared and moments are created togethor. In listening to others and their struggles and their triumphs we find comfort in knowing that others have conquered the same fears and ambitions. In listening we hear the familiar sound of love. Mike and I meet a lot of different people on our travels, we open our hearts to many and because we have, we have enjoyed so many sweet moments. So in reference as I have witnessed many people will walk the beach and the sand will get turned and the ocean will wash footsteps away but more people will walk and more footsteps will be created, and so on and so on❤️����